Rocky the Rescue
               -The world's most creative and charitable canine character!

I WOOF Life..and like my mom, woof to give love and life back into our world... My family and I celebrate each day as a gift--I live every moment to the fullest!


Help us keep giving back and bringing more families

together with fur-kids like me.  And--did you know I work on film

as a canine actor, model for print shoots, as well as make personal

appearances?  Contact us for more information!

We celebrate June 1st as my birthday because it is about the time I was officially adopted into the Smith home.  That's why I am proud to be ROCKY BEAR SMITH. My mom and dad are Jon and Jane Smith.  And as you might imagine, with names like that, we have lots of fun adventures!

As much fun as I have, my mom makes me a smarty.  She says, "it's time for school" and then we have a blast trying new tricks and words that mean I do certain things a certain way she likes...  I don't always understand, but I sure do try.  It's always great when I get a "treat" or a "cookie" or even "something for you."  They always taste good and makes me feel like I did something right because mommy sounds so happy and then hugs me really nicely.  Sometimes she scoops me up and sings songs like she used to when I was really small.  Her songs "to God" while craddling me usually makes me feel loved and calm...and once in a while I will fall asleep like I did when I was a baby.  

So here is all the stuff I've learned to do on command... I think I will be adding more to the list because daddy says so:
sit, down, on-your-side, roll-over, (with combinations of "stay"), bring-it-here, go-get-it, drop-it, wait, jump, stand, paw, speak, take-a-bow, back, chase-your-tail, on-your-feet, back, excuse me, open the door, go-to-your-mark.  My newest lesson was playing tug-of-war with a human lady's underwear because mommy said I was allowed since I was going to get paid for it.  Weird.  I am usually not allowed to put my teeth on human clothing.  I have something mommy calls a resume.  She is really proud of it, so if you want to make her happy, you can ask to see it.  Dad just laughs.  I can't read it, so let me know what you think!

One thing I like is how my mom says some things to me every morning.  She says, "God bless you and keep you; the heavenly host guard and protect you; may your life glorify the One who made you."  She smooches me right where my snout and eyes meet and then she says "I love you."  It's kinda nice, so I will lick her ear once in a while and then she makes a funny high-pitched sound and makes me stop.  Mommy is kinda funny.

My grandparents are even funnier, but they give me yummier treats when I see them and so do all my uncles and aunties, especially one called "Uncle Jason."  I like having a big family and lots of friends.  I don't think I can ever have enough.

Humans say I am very sensitive and intuitive.  I was named Rocky because I am a survivor, so I am told...  All I know is that I wish I could read human stuff called books.  That's what this website and all the hubbub is all about.  So, get a copy because it will help my friends find a home like mine and my mommy will be even more happy.  

I might even get a sibling...muahahahaha... I hope so...sometime soon...

See you soon!